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Here is a list of my work from speaking, consulting and conducting workshops. Chong Kim has been a public speaker for over 13+ years. To view the archive list from 2013 and beyond you are welcome to request through our contact page.

List of Post Production/Media Projects:

(February 2016) Women of Wealth Magazine; Atlanta, GA
For the 7th Anniversary & Spring issue; Chong Kim's story was featured in this Atlanta base magazine, which is sold in limited stores in the Atlanta's airports. Chong speaks in her own way about her personal journey, healing and her faith.

(March 2015) The Daily Reveille; Baton Rouge, LA
Chong Kim spoke at the LSU (Lousiana State University) to the students who facilitated her to come and share her story about Human Trafficking in regards to prevention, rescue and the aftermath of healing, you can access the story here:

(Aug. 2014) WFMyNews2; Greensboro, NC
Chong Kim shared her story on the local news in Greensboro, NC while visiting in August and was asked to be a guest speaker to help raise awareness on the issues of trafficking.

(May 2014) The Laurie Roth Show;
Chong Kim was featured on Laurie’s radio show and shared her harrowing experience as a former victim of trafficking, giving both her story and insights to families and community of what to be aware of. You can access the show here:

(February 2014) KVBC-Channel 3 & KSNV NBC; Las Vegas, NV
Ms. Kim was interviewed by Marie Mortera regarding her story, Eden, about how it is based on her life, the reality of how accurate the story is, what people need to be aware of and what are other preventive actions that are needed on the legislative level. Joining in the interview with Ms. Kim was Honorable Judge Keplar for Las Vegas.

(February 2014) WUCF TV; Orlando, FL Global Perspectives
Ms. Kim was featured on a talk show along with John Bersia who is one of the professors at University of Central Florida, as John interviewed Chong Kim regarding her personal account on human trafficking.

(November 2013) The Beats Drop Radio; Atlanta, GA
Ms. Kim was featured on the ATL’s Hottest music radio station, hosted by Angela Carswell and Reggie Cason. Ms. Kim used the time to share important details about creating a “safety plan” for your family. Here are the links to listen & watch:
To watch:

(Oct. 2013) Chuck Norris mentions “Chong Kim” in an article about Human Trafficking.

(September 2013) Uniradio (Hispanic Conservative Radio); San Diego, CA
Ms. Kim appeared as a guest on the Uniradio to share her story of Human Trafficking and to promote the Eden screening that would be available in the SD area.

(August 2013) Progressive Radio Network (PRN); Minneapolis, MN
(PRN) Hosted a show called, “Idle No More” to discuss issues on Human Trafficking & Native women and girls. Christine Stark along with Chong Kim were guests on the show for the Part 1. Click here to view/hear the show:

(July 2013) BBC-World Service London, UK
Ms. Kim was a guest on the radio show on BBC in London sharing her story and promoting the film, Eden for its theatrical release on July 20th you can access her interview at:

(July 2013) CNN International London, UK
Ms. Kim was a guest on the CNN International with Beck who was the host for the show regarding issues of trafficking through their international Freedom Project in the UK.

(July 2013) BBC-Woman’s Hour London, UK
Ms. Kim had the opportunity to be interviewed by UK’s famous Jenni Murray, together they shared the harrowing detail of Ms. Kim’s story regarding trafficking in the US.

(July 2013) Sky News Television London, UK
Ms. Kim was a guest on the local television news in London to share her story and to promote the film Eden that is based on her life story.

(July 2013) BBC Radio w/ Nolan Manchester, UK
Ms. Kim was invited to be on the radio to discuss thoroughly her trafficking story with host Stephen Nolan, who asked such profound questions regarding abuse, torture and the psychological damage it has on a person and the years that follow regarding to healing and restoration.

(June 2013) LOOK Magazine London, UK
Ms. Kim and actress, Jamie Chung were both interviewed for the Look Magazine article for July, a weekly fashion magazine to discuss topics of exploitation among women and to promote the film, Eden which would be showing in theaters in the UK for July 20th.

(May 2013) FBRN-DFW; Dallas, TX
Ms. Kim was a guest on the show discussing about “love” and how “love” can prevent the risk of trafficking in the US and how it can empower others to do more in the effort to combat this issue. Tune into The Fishbowl Radio:

(May 2013) Woodstock Comedy Festival Fundraising Campaign; NYC, NY
Ms. Kim has been featured for a Woodstock Comedy Festival to take part in their PSA fundraising media project to help raise funds to combat issues of child trafficking in America, proceeds will be given to both Polaris Project & Family of Woodstock Inc., a social services entity.

(May 2013) Currents NY; NYC, NY
Ms. Kim was a featured guest on the web/tv series of the Brooklyn’s Diocese sharing her personal story about trafficking and trafficking in New York City.

(May 2013) Huffington Post; NYC, NY
Ms. Kim was a guest on the show via webcam regarding the Cleveland Case in Ohio and she along with Tonya, another survivor, both shared their experiences in healing and restoration into society.

(April 2013) KCBD-NBC; Lubbock, TX
Ms. Kim was interviewed about her personal experience in trafficking in persons and her current collaboration with the Lubbock Rape Crisis Center. Here is the link to view the interview:

(April 2013) KETX-NBC; Tyler/Dallas, TX
Chong Kim was interviewed by Nicole Vowell, a local anchor for NBC News in Tyler/Athens, TX. Ms. Kim shared her story with Nicole through a video interview aired in May 2013.

(March 2013) Huffington Post Live; an online source of news and opinions from the audience and a live interview. Chong Kim joined Actress Jamie Chung and Director Megan Griffiths about their film, Eden. Click here to watch:,-jamie-chung,-megan-griffiths,-"eden"/5150e93c78c90a502b000047

(February 2013) The Official Sharing From The Heart Show CK Kim sharing her story here at #BlogTalkRadio

List of Past Speaking Engagements:

(April 2016) FWPD Human Trafficking Training; Fort Worth, TX
Chong Kim's 4th training at the Police Department in regards to Human Trafficking investigation, what to look for in victims and how to recognize signs of trafficking scenario.

(April 2016) Purple Sparks Event; Atlanta, GA
Chong Kim along with 5 other panelist spoke in regards to "Making Purple Sparks" which is a poetry/anthology book. Ms. Kim has contributed 3 of her own poetry to the Purple Sparks Project. Each panelist had the opportunity to share how arts and poetry is an alternative way to promote awareness, express pain and empower others.

(March 2016) FWPD Human Trafficking Training; Fort Worth, TX
Chong Kim is invited the 3rd time to speak and education the Fort Worth Police Department regarding investigation on Human Trafficking.

(February 2016) NA Local Meeting; Fort Worth, TX
Chong Kim celebrated 16 years of sobriety and had the opportunity to share her testimony and to enlighten attendees regarding recovery, healing and resilient.

(September 2015) FWPD Human Trafficking Training; Fort Worth, TX
Chong was invited to speak again at the FWPD for their Human Trafficking Training. This will be Ms. Kim's second visit for the police training.

(August 2015) FWPD Human Trafficking Training; Fort Worth, TX
Chong Kim was invited to speak at the Fort Worth Police Department Training, where they are required to take a class on Human Trafficking. Chong joins Officer Luevanos providing education and insight when it comes to investigating Human Trafficking Crimes.

(July 2015) FWPD (Citizens On Patrol) Meeting; Fort Worth, TX
Chong Kim spoke to the Citizens On Patrol evening meeting, she shared her personal testimony as well as giving insights to volunteers of what to look for when recognizing possible victimology while on citizens patrol.

(April 2015) OU Oklahoma University; Norman, OK
Chong Kim was invited to be a guest speaker/performer for the INvasian Chi Chapter of aKDPhi Sorority & Fraternity on Campus for the "Save My Seoul" Fundraising Campaign. Chong spoke about abuse in Asian-American Culture and inspired Asian Students to stand up against Violence.

(March 2015) CONNECT; Dallas, TX
Chong Kim spoke for a small group at the Dallas Country Club for a small organization called "Connect" where she shared her personal experience of triumph, inspiration and overcoming obstacles. It was a small private lunch venue to encourage one another about inspiration and encouragement locally.

(March 2015) NA Local Group; Fort Worth, TX
Chong Kim, recovering addict spoke at a local NA meeting for the first time to share about her past addiction and how she overcame her obstacles. Giving encouragement to first time attendees.

(March 2015) LSU Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA
Chong Kim spoke at the LSU (Lousiana State University) to the students who facilitated her to come and share her story about Human Trafficking in regards to prevention, rescue and the aftermath of healing.

(Nov. 2014) SNLPOA; Las Vegas, NV
Chong Kim spoke at a Southern Nevada Latino Peace Officer Association Training in regards to Human Trafficking from a survivor's perspective giving Law Enforcement insights to first responder's rescue methods, language dynamics and demeanor approach along with prevention and healing.

(October 2014) The NACA Convention; Arlington, TX
Chong Kim is featured as a speaker at the NACA Convention for college campuses in the South Region, Chong will be performing her talks in less than 12 minutes, to share, inspire and empower others to learn about Survival.

(Aug 2014) Stand Up for Freedom Gala; Greensboro, NC
Ms. Kim was the keynote speaker for a fundraising for an organization of World Relief Chapter in helping refugee victims that now eradicates trafficking in persons involving immigrant victims. Ms. Kim shared her personal experience to enlighten to community of awareness and to get involved in their community to educate themselves regarding trafficking scenarios in their surroundings.

(June 2014) NOTES TO OUR SONS; San Diego, CA
A photo exhibit that portrays the trailblazers, pioneers and heroes of our generation who share their triumph and successes to our future generations. Chong Kim is one of the honorees in this exhibit. To learn more about this organization you can click here:

(April 2014) TAMU-UNICEF Chapter at TX A&M; College Station, TX
Chong Kim was invited for an encore of her 2nd appears at the TX A&M to share her story to the students and enlighten them on the issues of Human Trafficking.

(April 2014) University of TX; Austin, TX
Chong Kim was a guest speaker for a Sorority Group for Lambda Ladies for the Sex Education Expo they had on campus, bring awareness on issues of sexual harassment, sexology and safety.

(April 2014) University of TX; Austin, TX
Chong Kim became one of the keynote speakers for a University Chapter for IJM (International Justice Mission) and shared her story with the students on campus regarding Human Trafficking and bringing home to those who wish to join the cause.

(April 2014) South East Asian Student Union, UofWI; Greenbay, WI
Chong was invited to share her story in detail along with a Q &A session regarding the film Eden, which screened at the Greenbay Campus for three days prior to Ms. Kim’s arrival.

(March 2014) Mohler MMA “Get Empowered”; Dallas, TX
Chong Kim was one of the key speakers along with UFC Champion, Will Campuzano and Ryan ‘Baby Face’ Benoit; to benefit Hope for Silent Voices, a local organization to end human trafficking on a global scale by rescue, restoring victims’ lives and participating in any investigation to assist in busting traffickers.

(March 2014) SAC State University; Sacramento, CA
Ms. Kim was invited to speak to share her story in detail along with a Q&A session regarding the film, Eden, which screened at the Union Ball on campus.

(February 2014) Georgia Southern University; Statesboro, GA
Chong Kim joined SAM (Student Abolition Movement) which is a local group on campus to inspire students to get involved with Global Engagement on a local level and through their choice of academics and how they can be world changers right in their own campus.

(February 2014) University of Las Vegas; Las Vegas, NV
Ms. Kim spoke to the students at the UNLV regarding the issues of Human Trafficking especially in Las Vegas. How students can assist in abolishing this epidemic along with Chief Ted Moody who also attended the seminar to hear Ms. Kim speak.

(February 2014) University of Central Florida; Orlando, FL
Ms. Kim, along with Natasha Herzigns—both survivors and experts on the issues of Human Trafficking—was invited to share her compelling perspective on how to combat the issue, to understand the victimology and to decrease the problem in central Florida.

(November 2013) Kennesaw State University; Kennesaw, GA
Chong Kim was one of the keynote speakers at the Children’s Advocacy Center of Georgia. Approximately over 200+ government officials attended. Also promoting the book Not In My Town by Dillion Burroughs & Charles Powell, along with her story which appears in Chapter 8.

(November 2013) 9th Annual KISD Homeless for the Night; Keller, TX
Ms. Kim made a guest appearance to be a speaker for the Phillip’s Wish Foundation, where they donate blankets to homeless people in the surrounding DFW area, every year the High School Students of KISD will volunteer to spend a whole evening at an outdoor stadium to promote awareness on the issues of homelessness in their area. Over 200+ high school students attended this event.

(September 2013) Just Shop Cause; Houston, TX
For the third year in a row, Ms. Kim was invited to speak on the issues of Human Trafficking and help promote ideas, concerns and collaboration in the Houston area, supported by the MET Baptist Church.

(September 2013) Advocacy Training for CCS; San Diego, CA
Ms. Kim conducted a training course on the issues of trafficking, pertaining to “Male Victims” and to briefly share her personal experience in the advocacy system, what worked and what were some of the issues that needed to be addressed or to be concerned about.

(July 2013) Kate Mead, Journalist; London, UK
Kate Mead interviewed Chong Kim, days before the release for the Eden film in the UK. During the interview the national press was preoccupied with the Royal Birth. In 2014, Kate Mead’s blog hit 2014 with over 150,000 hits in less than 12 hours; access the blog here:

(July 2013) Press Association Interview; London, UK
Ms. Kim shared her story regarding the film Eden, based on her personal accounts and to promote the film’s theatrical release in London.

(April 2013) An Evening of Hope; Lubbock, TX
Ms. Kim was able to assist in a fundraising event for the Lubbock Rape Crisis Center which included a screening of Chong’s story in a film, Eden, to church members, city council and along with State Representative John Frullo who also attended the dinner. Ms. Kim participated in the Q&A after the screening.

(April 2013) Lubbock Rape Crisis Center; Lubbock, TX
Ms. Kim was involved in a collaborative law enforcement training with other agencies in the Lubbock area and the host was the Lubbock Rape Crisis Center. Ms. Kim not only shared her personal story to a room full of officers on Friday the 26th, but also taught for one hour on the business side of trafficking.

(April 2013) UNICEF UT Dallas Chapter; Richardson, TX
Ms. Kim spoke to the students representing UNICEF for two evening meetings along with their charity ball to help raise awareness and to fundraise for UNICEF on campus.

(April 2013) IJM UT Dallas Chapter; Richardson, TX. Chong Kim was able to share her story with a group of students who joined IJM (International Justice Mission), a non-profit that combats trafficking and rescues victims globally. These students invited her to their picnic and had her share her story with them.

(March 2013) Laemmle Music Theater; Los Angeles, CA
Chong Kim was part of the Q&A for the premier of Eden and was able to share her thoughts and to answer any questions the audience had in concern of trafficking today.

(March 2013) Sir Drake High School; San Anselmo, CA
Chong Kim was the keynote speaker for the Drake High School, where she shared her personal story of trafficking. The students and faculty at the school utilized their efforts to raise awareness on Human Trafficking among students and to also promote the films Eden and Sold.

(March 2013) Women League of Voters; Dallas, TX
Chong Kim spoke to four local groups in Dallas to the Women League of Voters and shared her story on trafficking, exploitation and the ignorance it carries. Through this political group of women dedicated to change the lives of women today through public policy and legislation, Ms. Kim not only impressed them with her strength, but encouraged them to make changes to enrich the lives of survivors today.

(Feb. 2013) East Texas Baptist Encampment; Newton, TX
Ms. Kim had the honor and privilege to attend a church camp in Newton, TX, and to share her testimony to the Ladies Church Retreat. She not only shared her personal story, but was able to enlighten those who also had issues of loved ones going through exploitation and suffering.


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