Speaking issues on, but not limited to:

● Human Trafficking in Persons
● Dynamics on Domestic Violence
● Educating to Schools, Healthcare Facilities, Universities & Law Enforcement
● Educating about Bullying/ Cyber Bullying
● Awareness & Education on Child Sex Abuse/Child Pornography
● Living with Disability in a Cultural Background
● Talking to Parents & Teens about pregnancies from birth control, abortion & adoption
● Educating about STD’s & HIV Awareness.

Consulting topics/subjects:

● Crisis Management & PR Services
● Child Abuse cases of all forms
● Cases on Human Trafficking
● Films on crime shows, documentary & script consulting
● Public Service Announcement on education, children’s needs assesment, victims of abuse
● Becoming a motivational speaker/public figure
● Legal Advocacy pertaining to crime victims, unjust child custody dispute & domestic violence, gender bias/discrimination
● Start up non-profit

Appearances & Talents:

● Poets
● Spoken Word
● Voice Overs
● Light Comedy

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