Human Trafficking in the US

Chong Kim was honorably mentioned by actor, Chuck Norris in his article about Human Trafficking in the US.


Actress (Crash, Because I said so)

“Chong Kim is a tireless advocate of anti-human trafficking/child sex exploitation. She volunteers her time traveling different countries to save lives of innocent women/men and children. Although she is constantly on the go, she never fails to stop and talk to anyone who wants to know more about the issue with the utmost warmth, directness and passion. We all know her voice will be heard loudly and clearly to every soul in the world soon and forever!”


Best-Selling Author and Activist (dillonburroughs.org)

“Chong Kim serves as a powerful example of a person who has turned pain into a way to make a difference in the lives of countless others. Her story deserves to be told on behalf of the many women and children unable to speak out so that we can all help stand against the modern scourge of human trafficking.”


Founder of The Who’s Who in Asian American Communities Alliance Foundation

“I would encourage everyone to make the effort in getting to know Chong Kim and her incredibly sad story of how she overcame the tragedy of being a victim of human trafficking. Chong is brutally honest and willing to share her demeaning story in order to help those who are currently caught-up in the racket – or prevent this from happening to other women. It’s hard to believe that this vile sort of life is happening in our own backyards; hard to believe that so many of our Asian Sisters are forced into this racket. I would ask that you embrace Chong and her mission and support her in getting this message out to as many people as possible. Let’s join Chong Kim in wiping out human trafficking!”


Actress (Legends of the fall, Dancing with Wolves & Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman)

I met Chong Kim through a film I was involved with that is based on her life story. She was a victim of human trafficking. This is a crucial story that is going on right here in North America. So often people seem to think it is something that happens across the ocean and therefore somewhat removed. I get notices of missing women, and sometimes young men gone missing, on a regular basis on my Facebook page. How many of these are human trafficking? As long as we ignore the possibility, the longer it will take for these young people to get help. And the longer human traffickers, or sex traffickers will have Impunity. She can illustrate the world of someone taken into it. She can be a warning bell for how these people operate. Please consider her seriously as a resource to bringing this horrific world out of the shadows where it is protected. Thank you.


The event was well attended with many students and faculty members in the audience. Everyone really connected with Chong Kim’s story and social justice platform. The meet and greet after her discussion went over an hour as so many people wanted to personally meet her. She was great to work with and LSU was happy to have her! -Margaret L. Vienne, Graduate Assistant for Activities; LSU Campus Life


Kennesaw, GA; 2013

World Day Conference in Kennesaw was awesome! Would love to hear more of Chong’s story. She’s such an inspiration! Keep up the good work!

Detective L. Luevanos

"I have been assigned to the Human Trafficking Unit since February 2013. Since been assigned to the unit, one of my duties has been to provide human trafficking training to our law enforcement officers and the community at large. In providing this training, I found that it is more impactful if a survivor comes and talks about their experience. By the survivors telling their story, the audience accepts the issue as a real and growing problem rather than someone else's problem. I have had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Chong Kim who has presented at my law enforcement classes on the following dates: 8/27/15, 9/16/2015, and 3/22/16."

Deanna McNair

Coordinator of Volunteer Scheduling

"Chong has been a valuable asset to our meal delivery program in our Northeast Terrritory, She has delivered 148 hours to approximately 740 clients since she started. Chong has been delivering with Meals On Wheels Inc., of Tarrant County for 1.5 years. Chong is a member of our Northwest Advisory Council, where she is very instrumental as an ambassador in the community for our agency. We truly appreciate the time Chong has been able to provide delivering meals to our Northeast clients and the time she has spent educating the populace about our organization and its needs."

Stephanie Evans

Department of African American Studies

"Your testimony on the panel with six other panelists offered several valued points of perspective about sex trafficking awareness and prevention. In particular, your focus on how to awaken campus discussion about predatory behavior and your willingness to lay bare your own experience and expose the detriments of human sex trafficking is admirable. We are aware of the desire of critics to silence your voice and to dismiss the voice of other survivors of various types of sexual violence. Your persistence is not only admirable, but sincerely appreciated."

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